Register for a Board Meeting

A licensed practitioner may earn two hours in Florida jurisprudence by attending an in-person meeting of the Board at which another licensee is disciplined for no less than four (4) continuous hours or the duration of the meeting. Licensed practitioners will be required to sign-in and sign-out with board staff. Those licensed practitioners present for disciplinary purposes are not eligible to earn the two (2) clock hours for the Board meeting.

If you are registering for a board meeting on the Tuesday prior to the meeting being held, your name will NOT appear on the pre-registered sign in sheet. Sign in sheets have already been completed for that meeting. You may however, still attend the meeting, but must sign in on the non-registered sign in sheet.

Information needed to complete this form:

  • Name
  • License number
  • Meeting date you wish to attend

If for some reason you are unable to attend the meeting for which you register, please contact the board office prior to the board meeting. You will also then need to re-register for another meeting.

Select the meeting link for meeting location and agenda information. This information is provided approximately 2 weeks prior to the board meeting.

As Printed on Your License

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